No one likes the thought of losing a tooth. Most of the time, our dental team at Lovett Dental Northside can restore and save the tooth, ensuring you can maintain your smile. There are situations where tooth extraction is the best choice, though. When that is the case, we may recommend tooth removal in our office in a pain-free environment. Keep in mind that teeth extractions may be necessary to protect your overall oral health.

When Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?

There are various situations where tooth extraction is the best treatment option. When you visit our office, we will provide you with options based on what can protect your teeth. If we cannot save your teeth, we will provide you with teeth extractions that are safe and ways to restore your smile down the prepares a patient for a tooth extraction

You may need teeth extractions in some situations. This may include:

  • Too much damage to the tooth itself
  • Severe decay of the tooth
  • Overcrowding of the teeth
  • An accidental injury that cannot be repaired
  • Impacted teeth

When we make recommendations for teeth extraction, we also will tell you what to expect and what type of extraction is likely to be necessary for you.

Simple Tooth Extraction

Many types of accidental injuries, such as getting hit in the mouth with a ball, are simple extractions. In these types of tooth removal, we can see the tooth and access it well. This will allow us to use local anesthesia to reduce any pain or discomfort you feel while removing the tooth. This type of extraction can often be done in our offices when you come in for an exam or emergency appointment.

Complex Tooth Extraction

Sometimes the tooth removal is not that straightforward. For example, in tooth decay cases, the tooth may be in numerous small pieces making pulling it out not possible. Other times, the tooth may be covered by the gums, such as in impacted teeth. In these cases, we may need to use an oral surgeon to help with the process. This will generally include using general anesthesia to remove the tooth to ensure you remain pain-free through it.

Most of the time, after tooth removal, you will need time to recover and heal. You may have stitches that are used to close up the gap and opening. That may mean you have to follow some basic rules right after the procedure. This type of damage can often heal within a matter of weeks.

What to Do After Teeth Extractions

Whether you have just one tooth extraction or have numerous teeth extractions, you do not have to maintain it for long. Instead, our team at Lovett Dental Northside can give you various treatment options to restore your smile. What type of treatment you need depends greatly on what causes the damage and your needs and goals.

Some of the options that may help you include:

Let our professionals help you to make the best decisions for improving your oral health. There are ways to ensure your teeth remain healthy as long as possible, and your smile continues to give you confidence.

Choose to Improve Your Oral Health with Help from Lovett Dental Northside

You can schedule a consultation and exam for tooth extraction with us today. Our office provides comprehensive teeth extractions, including emergency tooth removal. If you are in pain or worried about what’s happening, call our office today at 713-691-5551, or contact us online for an appointment.