Damage to your teeth can leave you with gaps, missing teeth, and painful dental problems. Restorative dentistry can help to correct this. The goal of dental restoration is to improve the function and health of your smile. We can do this using a series of dentistry services that we offer. These customizable solutions can provide you with a new look. Our team at Lovett Dental Northside in Texas is happy to help you. Call our team today at 713-691-5551 for more information about our services.

Common Types of Restorative DentistryWoman prepares for restorative dentistry services

Our comprehensive restorative dentistry services are versatile enough to meet most needs. Here’s a look at some of those services that may help with your dental restoration. Remember, our Texas team offers a range of innovative and modern solutions for giving you even more options.

Dental Implants

We use dental implants as a way to fill in areas where there are missing teeth. Once the gums and jaw heal after losing a tooth, we can implant a dental implant into the jawbone. This is a very safe procedure. Once in place, implants are very strong and fuse with the bone to create an artificial tooth root. This is topped with a fixture, and then a crown is placed on top of this. Dental implants offer many benefits:

  • They last for decades.
  • Their durability can help to create strong biting power.
  • You can have a very natural-looking tooth in place of your missing tooth.
  • Implants can be used for single or multiple tooth replacement solutions.
  • They’re easy to maintain.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a type of dental restoration tool that is used in multiple situations. It is one of the most common solutions our restorative dentistry team uses. That’s because crowns can do a lot. They can be fitted into place over the top of an existing tooth. They can also help to hold the space of a missing tooth between a dental bridge or on top of a dental implant. Crowns are colored, sized, and styled to look just like your natural teeth. They are durable enough for you to chew on them with ease.


Many of our clients need this type of restorative dentistry as they get older. We offer several solutions here. Dentures can take the place of one or more missing teeth. We do offer both partial and full dentures, which means you can have a whole new set of teeth if you like. We can do this with traditional dentures. In addition, many people like dental implant-supported dentures. They include snap-on solutions that allow you to remove the dentures when you want to do so.

Why Should You Invest in These Dentistry Services?

There are many benefits to using these services in our Texas office. When you use any of these or the other restorative dentistry services we offer, you may see critical benefits:

  • Longer-lasting teeth
  • Better ability to chew and bite food, which leads to improved digestion
  • Less pain and discomfort from problem areas
  • More opportunity to have a smile that you love
  • Fewer cavities and gum disease problems

Our services are personalized to your needs. For that reason, we encourage you to reach out to us to allow our team to offer some insight into which of these solutions can work for you and your smile.

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Restorative dentistry can be highly effective at giving you the solutions you need. This customizable solution is one of the ways our team at Lovett Dental Northside in Texas works to give you the confidence and the smile you deserve. Learn more about how we can help. To schedule any of our dentistry services, call 713-691-5551, or contact us online today.