Oral health is an important aspect of overall health, and it’s important to note how good habits start early. As such, children need to begin seeing a dentist at an early age. Although there is nothing wrong with seeing different dentists for adults, teenagers, and children, family dentistry practices such as Lovett Dental Northside tend to be more convenient. Appointments are scheduled appropriately without the need to check multiple sources’ availability. Further, our dentists get to know the needs and preferences of each family member so you’re assured the most complete and comfortable oral care.

Reasons Why Family Dentistry Services Are Needed we receives dentistry coverage

A family dental practice should be high on the list of priorities for the typical family. The convenience of working with a single doctor is much easier than having multiple dentists for each family member. Appointments can be scheduled together or staggered according to the family’s needs and other activities they might participate in. Families with more than one child must receive consistent advice based on each individual’s needs. It might seem simple enough that any dentist will recommend brushing teeth twice or more per day and schedule regular dentist appointments twice per year. Still, it isn’t always the best idea for different dentists to recommend different toothpaste brands to each family member unless there is some inherent reason why one person might benefit from a specific type of toothpaste another family member may not need.

Ongoing Appointments

Good health starts by learning good habits as a child, but it’s never too late to start taking care of teeth if a person didn’t receive the proper health education in their early years. It’s also worth noting how health is a science. As such, health advice can change over the years. New information is discovered. Although the advice to brush and floss daily will never change, how often it needs to be done and other at-home dental practice recommendations might change. Again, a family practice dentist is ideal for providing consistent advice to a person throughout their lifetime, with an intricate knowledge of that person’s dental history.

Specific Dental Services

Although services can be specified according to each person’s needs, there are a few common services most people are expected to need throughout their life.

  • Ideally, regular professional tooth cleaning is something everyone is going to need regardless of their age.
  • Teenagers often find themselves in need of braces or other forms of teeth straightening procedures. If such a process was skipped during the teen years, they could be equally applied to adults. A job or social needs might be part of the decision as to whether braces or retainers are going to work best.
  • Cavities need to be removed and filled. It’s always better to catch them as soon as they happen and have the procedure conducted before the problem gets worse.
  • Sometimes a filling can fall out. It needs to be replaced before food can build up in the space and cause an infection.
  • Most people need their wisdom teeth removed. The procedure is typically conducted for teenagers, but each case is different, and for some people, the wisdom teeth might not be a problem until later in life.

Finding a Family Dentistry with Lovett Dental Northside

Lovett Dental Northside offers professional dental procedures for the entire family. Our staff is courteous and professional with men, women, and child patients. We follow all standard dental guidelines and procedures while recognizing how each patient is different with their own needs. Whether you’re new to the area or need to discuss dental services for yourself or your family, give us a call at 832.734.9452, or contact us online to schedule an appointment.