Preventing dental problems is critical to keeping your natural teeth healthy. Yet, many people do not know there are additional preventative dental care steps they can take. Our dentistry team at Lovett Dental Northside in Texas offers the support you need. When you are ready to improve your smile, learn more about our dentistry services. Call our team today at 713-691-5551 to schedule your first appointment.

Why Preventative Dental Care Is ImportantA preventative dentistry appointment on the calendar

Preventative dentistry is a valuable investment for anyone. The goal is simple: to prevent the onset of more complex and challenging dental problems by taking a few actions today. When you use preventive dental care properly, you may see some benefits such as:

  • Reduced need for complex dental problems
  • Less tooth decay
  • Less likelihood of developing gum disease
  • Reduced risk of losing your natural teeth early
  • Healthy, functioning teeth that you’re proud to show off

When it comes to seeking dental care, remember that what you are doing now can be critical to your overall oral health. For example, coming in for a routine dental checkup is essential. It’s also crucial to have x-rays done to spot problems with decay and misalignment of your teeth. We encourage teeth cleanings every six months to further enhance your oral health.

Go Further with Advanced Dentistry Services

Our team may recommend using other types of treatment options that may extend your dental health further. We may do this to safeguard your smile, especially if you have signs of a potential problem. Some of the preventive dentistry services we may recommend can include the following:

Dental Sealant Applications

Dental sealants help to block out damage from bacteria. We may suggest them to you if you have a high risk for cavities. We often recommend this treatment for children who are most prone to cavities because they do not have good oral hygiene habits. Sealants lock out bacteria, protecting the soft tissues of the mouth from damage.

Dental Cleanings

Getting routine dental cleanings every six months is an integral part of basic dental care. However, some people may need more advanced services, such as deep cleanings. Deep dental cleanings can help to remove the buildup of plaque and bacteria below the surface of the gums. If you have the signs of gingivitis, such as the following, we may recommend this to you:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Red, painful gums
  • Gum infections or infections at the base of the tooth
  • Gums pulling away from the teeth
  • Bad breath that does not improve with brushing

When this is occurring, cleanings are necessary. If you do not get this type of service, you may develop periodontal disease. Typically, that requires more expensive and higher-risk procedures to remove the damage from bacteria. Instead, use our services to stop it from happening.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a mineral your teeth need to maintain their strength, especially the tooth’s hard exterior called the enamel. In some cases, fluoride can sometimes be hard to get. It is found in public drinking water as well as in many kinds of toothpaste. However, some people need more support. Fluoride treatments can help you to get this, and as a result, allowing you to maintain a healthy smile. That makes it a valuable preventative dentistry services.

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Our services can give you hope that you can keep your natural teeth longer without the pain or cost of complex dental problems. At Lovett Dental Northside, we offer a range of preventive dentistry services that may help you. When you come into our Texas office, we’ll make recommendations that may help you. It’s all up to you to choose what’s right for your needs. To find out, schedule a consultation by calling 713-691-5551 , or contact us online today.